The Story of Our Brewery

How we make our beloved beer

We sourced the finest malt grain from all around the world.
Then blended it with NZ hop to bring out the unique flavours

Hailing from Auckland is Tom the brewer; who thinks making beer everyday whilst living in the Coromandel is a big tick in the lifestyle column. He’s here to continue his brewing career whilst seeking a better quality of life for his young family.

Tom loves brewing because he finds it engaging; particularly the blend of creativity, science and technical precision that goes into making beer. Previously he worked for Galbraith’s making a wide range of beer styles, notably English cask ale. Whilst there the brewery achieved acclaimed success at The International Brewing Awards in which Tom was proud to be a part of.

At Hot Water Brewing, Tom strives to brew quality beer. Whether the style is avant-garde or classic, Tom will endeavour to make flavoursome, interesting and approachable beer for all types of drinkers; from the craft beer enthusiasts who Instagram every drink to your uncle Barry who’s drank the same thing since the 80’s and wears shorts in winter.

Hot Water Brewing

One stop place to experience typical Kiwi holiday

We offer restaurant on site serving our original beers.
While staying at our holiday park with the choice of self contained cabin, hostel or in your camper van.

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