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1043 Tairua Whitianga Rd
The Coromandel

12pm till late

Hot Water Brewing Co Beers
1043 Tairua Whitianga Rd Whenuakite The Coromandel
12 pm - late

We’re the Hot Water
Brewing Co.

How Our Story Began

Hot Water Brewing Co was established in the small Coromandel town of Whenuakite in 2013. It gained notoriety quickly, standing out not just for its exceptional brews, but also for its early adoption of canning in the New Zealand beer landscape.

The company’s name is a tribute to its geographical roots. Near the Hot Water Beach, this coastline hides a natural wonder, revealed at low tide. Just as tourists are drawn to this natural phenomenon, so too are craft beer enthusiasts to Hot Water Brewing Co.

Dave Kurth, with a brewing CV as diverse as the tastes he crafted, was the driving force behind the company which began to carve out a distinctive name for itself.  His brewing sojourns took him from Sharp’s Brewery in England to the Maui Brewing Company in Hawaii, from Burleigh Brewing in Queensland to New Zealand’s West Coast Brewery. Under his adept hands, Hot Water Brewing launched several craft beers that quickly became household names in the region.

During his tenure, Dave helped perfect our recipes while helping to expand our reach and accolades, winning medals at the 2016 Australian International Beer Awards.


The Early Years

In New Zealand, there has been quite a negative attitude towards alcohol in general. For a true craft beer enthusiast, a good beer is really about appreciating flavours and enjoying the experience. At Hot Water Brewing Co., we wanted to do something special to help educate people on what a good Kiwi beer could be like, and to introduce them to the range of different flavours that are available.

Driven by Kurth’s experience and vision, the brewery started creating unique craft beers like the Golden Steamer, Kauri Falls, About Time, and Walker’s Porter – each bearing unique flavour profiles that drew inspiration from the local Coromandel region.

Having a business based near the turnoff to Hot Water Beach, meant the brewery sat near a natural marvel, further attracting tourists and enhancing its regional significance. Over time, the beers found their way to the bustling streets of Wellington and Auckland, especially in winter when the Coromandel Peninsula slowed down, sparking anticipation and intrigue among urban beer aficionados. 

The Canning Legacy

While we weren’t the pioneers in New Zealand beer canning, Hot Water Brewing Co took pride in exclusively adopting this method from day one.

“Cans are the best package for beer and for our environment” – Dave Kurth

This decision made sense and supported the lifestyle and convenience Dave and so many other locals cherished. This canning heritage has continued right through to today.


From local roots to global ambitions

In 2022, a new chapter unfolded for the Hot Water Brewing Co when it was purchased by the Horton Family. No strangers to embracing ventures with zeal, the Hortons saw the potential in the already established brewery and were eager to infuse it with fresh energy and vision. Under their stewardship, there’s a palpable ambition to rejuvenate and fortify the brand’s standing in the craft beer realm.

The family has been meticulous in their approach, working diligently on refining designs and honing recipes. With an eye on the future, they’ve set their sights on releasing an exciting range of products to the market in early 2024. The upcoming range is not just a testament to their commitment but also a sneak peek into the innovative direction the company is heading towards.

The path ahead for The Hot Water Brewing Co is both promising and exhilarating. With the dedication and expertise of the Horton Family at the helm, the company is poised to solidify its stature as a premium craft beer brand, not just within New Zealand, but on the global stage as well. 

Hot Water Brewing Co Beers